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i'm not even human...

the life of me

7 April
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Hello there!

I'm Shaz and I'm from Bristol. I'm alive.
My favourite past times are writing and reading: I currently work in a library, so everything is pretty damn perfect.
I love Doctor Who - in my opinion it is the greatest show ever to grace this planet. If the TARDIS landed in my garden right now I'd be gone like a shot; who's with me?
I have lots of friends - but most of them aren't really my friends. I've been in love. I have a family who are the best in the universe.
I like stargazing and astronomy and have just bought a telescope. I long for the day when I finally catch a glimpse of Saturn, but the stupid cloudy weather of England tends to slow me down.
My favourite poet is T.S. Eliot. My favourite author is probably Emily Bronte, although it is terribly hard to choose as I love so many books. My favourite food is a chicken korma curry with prawn crackers - trust me, it works together. My favourite song? I just can't choose. There are too many amazing songs out there.

So that's me, sort of anyway.
Look forward to talking to you.