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I just gotta tell you... goodbye.

 Here follows a brief review of the television drama 'Lennon Naked', starring Christopher Eccleston as John Lennon and Naoko Mori as Yoko Ono. This will contain one or two spoilers.

As a huge Beatles fan and a great admirer of John Lennon, watching this programme just took my breath away. Because Chris didn't play John, he became him - he mimicked John's voice and accent almost perfectly. I could shut my eyes and I heard John speaking back at me. There were moments I glanced at the screen and saw John's face - it was weird.

I really think 'Lennon Naked' tried very hard to capture that era of John's life. He was a fascinating man, a man haunted by his past, by a shocking start in childhood and he grew to become one of the greatest men of all time, leading the greatest (in my opinion) rock and roll music band in the history of the world.

John's relationship with Yoko was shown brilliantly - they really expressed their deep love for each other. John and Yoko had a connection, perhaps they'd always had it since birth, perhaps somewhere the Gods had made them to be together. The parallels of John and his father and the abandonment of him as a boy, and of John leaving his own son, Julian, to be with Yoko were done very cleverly. John was never very close to Julian - if there are any photographs of Julian playing as a boy, it is Paul who is playing with him, not John.

A lot of nudity - but hey, it wouldn't be John and Yoko otherwise would it?

The music was fantastic (being mostly Beatles tracks and tracks of John's own). I'm glad this was made. I am now convinced this programme is the best thing Chris Eccleston has ever done - and I'm a Doctor Who fan.
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