Shaz (shaz_bananas) wrote,

Oh I do like surprises...

Afternoon all!

What an interesting day I have had.

I set off for work this morning and was there for forty five minutes before realising I had the day off! I know! I was at a meeting on Tuesday, so due to the hours I racked up there I didn't have to be in today: I just sort of wish someone had actually told me, lol.

So with my new surprise day off, I went shopping and bought a jacket in River Island. It's so Eighties, I love it - it's got shoulder pads! I feel like I've walked out of Ashes to Ashes, and any moment Gene Hunt will be kicking the door down with his snakeskin boots...

I've lost my train of thought.

So. I've got tomorrow off too, and though I am working Saturday who cares? Because Doctor Who is on on Saturday. I think I'll somehow find a way to cope.
Tags: bizarre, doctor who, shaz is going loopy again, the eighties

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