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Cold Blood

Here is a review for tonight's Doctor Who episode entitled 'Cold Blood'. This will contain spoilers, hence why it's under the cut.


First of all, what a brilliant episode.

I was so shocked when Ambrose killed Aleya - I mean, yes, Aleya was horrible and I don't blame Ambrose for a second, but I'm very surprised they actually showed it. Moffett denied that the show would get darker when he was Head Writer, but he lied because it has. This episode was very dark. But before I get to the sad bit, I'll continue with the more cheery parts of the episode.

I loved Nasreen and Amy as the representitives of planet Earth - bless them, they tried so hard. For one minute there I thought it might all go ahead, that they would share the Earth and live in harmony - and then I remembered. It's Doctor Who - it won't happen. Poor little Elliot. Did anyone else feel very cold when they saw him stuck in that chamber with wires on him? I'm not a parent but just seeing that made me feel a little sick. That must have frightened children.

Which brings me to the big one. Rory. They killed Rory. RORY! I actually screamed out at my television when it happened; a slow-motion, Hollywood-esque shout of 'Rooooory! Noooo!'. As he was surrounded by the weird light stuff, I have hope it may have somehow magically resurrected him? No? Clutching at straws? I was surprised they actually showed a companion death on screen - the last in my memory was Adric, wasn't it? And even that wasn't completely shown. Dark, dark, dark! 

Anyone who thinks Karen Gillan can't act should be bopped on the head - she was brilliant in that scene. That bit when the Doctor was wrestling with her as she fought and fought to get out of the TARDIS to Rory was brilliantly done. And she forgot him. She just forgot him.

Now. Why didn't the Doctor tell Amy immediately about her lovely dead fiance? That's easy. It's because he loves her. Yeah I know, you're rolling your eyes saying "ha, yeah right" but listen. If the boy I am in love with suddenly and magically forgot every single trace of his girlfriend, I know what I'd do. I wouldn't tell him, even though it would be the right thing to do. Because as long as he never remembered her, he wouldn't know what he was losing. I'd have him forever, or at least for a little while. So the Doctor loves her. He didn't immediately blurt out, "remember Rory? Remember?". He could have reminded her if he tried, he could have tried and he didn't.

So Amy doesn't remember her dead fiance. Odd wedding thats going to be. Though I suppose the wedding doesn't exist now, as the groom was never born? Interesting how Amy would now remember events that had included Rory. Hmm.

Next week looks amazing. As a fan of Van Gogh, I cannot wait to see the episode. I'll be analysing the trailer frame by frame, for sure. I squealed when they saw Van Gogh climbing out of bed - his bedroom an exact replica of the painting 'Bedroom in Arles' which I own a print of. How exciting! I can't wait!


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