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Hello all; how have we all been today?

I've been very well. Worked from nine to five and now have five glorious days off! Aren't I a lucky girl?

I took out a DVD at the libary where I work today. It's called 'Happy Go Lucky', you might have heard of it. It's about a woman called Poppy who is so wonderfully cheerful and has a lovely positive outlook on life. Sometimes there are scenes that make you crack up laughing, and there are other scenes that just stun you in their bleakness and reality - this film has really made me think. I can understand why the actress who played Poppy won awards for her portrayal.

I'm drinking lemon iced tea. I have a memory attached to that. When in Krakow, we were heading towards the Podgorze district and got a weeny bit lost, so went to a petrol station for refreshments. That was the day I had my first taste of lemon iced tea. It was lovely.

This entry was much more thought out and fluent in my head. Oh well.

Shaz xx
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