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Fictonal characters book meme!


Name five fictional characters that you would invite to a tea-party.
Remus Lupin, Henry DeTamble, Alex (A Clockwork Orange), Dorian Gray, Billy Pilgrim. I think that Billy and Henry would have a lot to talk about, both being time travelers of sorts (or at least being 'unstuck in time'. I keep Remus Lupin there as a moral guide, and because he is just plain lovely. Alex and Dorian are the villains of the piece, though due to Alex's somewhat romantic nature I think they would get along swimmingly.

Name four fictional characters that you would you want with you on a long sea voyage.
Hmm. Atticus Finch, for wiseness and reasoning. Sherlock Holmes - he would be very handy in a crisis. Paul Baumer - it might be useful to have a soldier on board, and I'm sure he'd be glad to get away from the Front line. Otto Quangel - he'd get on well with Paul, both being German, and Otto really needs to get away from Germany as the Gestapo are after him.

Name three fictional characters that you would you want to spend a day at the zoo with.
Scout Finch, William Beech and Teddy Lupin. What? They're all kids, kids like the zoo. Scout would love all the animals, being so adventurous. So would William - I'm sure he'd love drawing them. Teddy is an orphan - he needs looking after.

Name two fictional characters you would like to put against a wall and shoot
Voldemort (I didn't hate the character but he killed a lot of good people). Nurse Ratched - what a meanie.

Name one fictional character that you'd like to have living in your house for a year.
Oh. Hmm. Hareton Earnshaw. I'd teach him to read.
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