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It's too bloody hot to do this...

Argh. Ooh. ARGH!

It's hot. Really hot. Anyone in England right now, knows this fact too.

There's raging blue skies above, a blazing hot sun, not a cloud to be seen. My window is wide open and yet the air in my room remains stagnant. I am wearing a vest top and shorts and yet I am still boiling. Is it wrong that I wish it was raining?

I'm just relaxing, trying to read. The book of the moment is One Day by David Nicholls. I've just started it - it's rather good so far, I'm liking the characters Dexter and Emma. The writer is very good.

Oh blah. Did I mention it was hot?

Can't be bothered to write any more of this.
Tags: it's bloody hot, summer

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