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Doctor Who review!

Oooh that rhymes :)

Just a quick review for tonight's episode of Doctor Who, aptly entitled 'The Hungry Earth'. This will, unquestionably, contain spoilers.

I liked tonight's episode. Yes, granted, not a lot happened - not when compared to other Doctor Who episodes anyway - but this was sort of the intro episode. You get to meet everyone, get to see what's going on and understand the scenario.

I loved how the Doctor got it wrong (again!). He thought they were going to Rio - they ended up in Wales. How very typical of him.

How cool is little Elliot? That is one cool kid, right there. It really shocked me when the Doctor just let him wander outside with an alien predator on the loose, but I understood it. The way Elliot had asked him about Gallifrey, made the Doctor see him as a sort of equal - I think he simply forgot that Elliot wasn't a grown up, and needed looking after. After all - the Doctor ran around on his own all of the time and no one took care of him.

He was extremely protective of Amy, and even Rory, this episode. I'm beginning to realise just how frightened this Doctor is of being abandoned and left alone. The whole Amy and Rory thing waving to their future selves was weird - I mean, come on, like they'll be together in 2020. Isn't Rory supposed to go back home after this next episode? I don't think he's in the episode after this two parter.

Which leads me to my next idea. Alleia (or however her name is spelt) was chained in the basement and said that one of those people, Elliot's Mum, Rory, or the old guy that Nasreen totally got in on with (go Nasreen!), would kill her. Now for the idea. I think Rory will kill her. I think the Doctor will be so appalled, and so will Amy really though she'll try to understand, and will force him to go back home - either that, or Rory will decide himself that he has had enough of the TARDIS.

So anyway. The Doctor was protective of Amy. When she was sucked into that hole he was panicking - have you ever seen him panic before? Of course not, he's the Doctor. But he was petrified and he was panicking. When she was pulled into the earth, he kept repeating "No! No! No... no, no, no...". Denial. He was so scared in that moment he wanted to kid his brain that none of that had really happened, that Amy was safe. I don't think he can be without her. I think the idea of it alone scares him stiff.

"I want her back." How cute? Unbelievably cute! I wonder how much that audio alone will be used and reused in numerous 11/Amy fanvids - and rightly so too.

I like Nasreen. She is awesome. So awesome in fact, that I think she'll get killed off - no one in Doctor Who can be that awesome. She'll either die, have her memory wiped or end up hating the Doctor a la Adelaide in Waters of Mars. Perhaps because that old guy who was stung gets really sick or something and turns into a Silurian. Oh, I don't know - I'm rambling.

Loved the Silurian world under the surface - kudos to the CGI team, it was really pretty.

I liked this episode a lot, because the Silurians aren't really enemies even though they want to kill us. They were here first, they are simply trying to protect their home but are being horrid when going about it. Can't believe they are going to disect Amy whilst she is awake - poor Elliot's Dad. They better not disect the kid. I will not like that - though Doctor Who has been getting darker...

Anyway. I liked it. It was good. I'm looking forward to next week.

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